Welcome to Camber Ridge, where we are building the most advanced tire characterization facility in the world.  This state-of-the-art facility has been designed to provide an unprecedented ability to qualify and quantify tire/surface interactions – one of the key “missing ingredients” in Virtual Proving Ground analyses – while producing lab-like repeatability combined with real-world accuracy.  The Camber Ridge concept has been developed with direct input from the automotive, commercial truck, military and tire industries, and represents the first major advancement in tire characterization in over 50 years.


Camber Ridge has taken a different approach to characterization in order to give you proving ground-like data without the costs of prototyping.  Unlike conventional services, Camber Ridge combines some of the world’s leading experts in tire characterization with precision machine designers and fabricators to build capabilities to directly achieve testing needs.  This allows us the freedom to approach testing from a different perspective.  Rather than figuring out how to use existing equipment to try to obtain data, we design the equipment to acquire the exact data we need.


Using this philosophy, Camber Ridge is building the world’s first indoor, on-pavement, full speed tire characterization capability specifically designed to eliminate or minimize errors in testing.  Rather than trying to move the road beneath the tire, we move the tire over our own paved road.  Rather than relying on a driver, we’ve automated the system.  And rather than compensating for changing environmental conditions, we’ve put the facility in an environmentally controlled building.


Basically, we don’t emulate real world conditions, we provide them.  Because, it’s the right way to study tires.





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